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Playing in Fields of Yellow

To my knowledge, I don’t remember a time in my life where someone has tried to wake me up but couldn’t–that is until today. Bethany said I slept through my alarm four times and even tried touching me and talking to me to get me to wake up. I don’t remember any of it. She even told me that she had the kids run into the room to turn my alarm off because it was going off endlessly at some points. When I didn’t get up she assumed I had either stayed up late or wasn’t feeling well. When I did finally get up church had already begun! I had a headache and I asked Bethany what happened and she told me be the above tale. I’m still confused by it. My headache lasted most of the day and it wasn’t until I finally realized I should take some Tylenol around 3pm that I got some relief. Why I waited so long to take medicine is beyond me, but I digress.

Yellow (5/3/15)

One of the great joys in my life is being able to be able to bless people with photography. I had that chance this evening with our teammates and friends, John and Erin (and baby Shade!). We scheduled a dinner with them tonight along with a plan to take some photos of their family. Dinner was delicious and afterward we literally walked out their back door through a field of beautiful yellow flowers. The flowers you see in the photo above are what we get canola oil out of and right now the Czech countryside is completely covered in a blanket of yellow. I would love to show off a bunch of photos of John, Erin, and Shade, but they haven’t seen them yet so I’m holding off for now. Above is just one I got of them walking through the fields, but the yellow seems to go on forever. Below are a few I got of our family. Again, we have more of these too, but I have to same some for our family too!

Yellow (5/3/15)

Yellow (5/3/15)

We actually took a ton of photos and even ended up doing a few down by a lake near John and Erin’s house. As we drove back from the lake we saw a young deer in the field which we stopped to stare at. He was only a few yards from our car and had just some little antlers. I rolled the windows down so the kids could stare out and see him. He was staring back at us and finally bounded away. I regret not getting a photo, but it was fun to just enjoy the moment. But the yellow flowers and deer weren’t the only thing we got to enjoy of God’s amazing creation tonight. Out the other window of our car was an amazing rising moon! When we got back to John’s house, he convinced me to pull my camera out again and get a shot of it which you can see below.

Yellow (5/3/15)

In other news, we set up the baby’s bassinet today. Bethany is in her last month of pregnancy so the clock is ticking as we wait for the arrival of our daughter! This coming week is a busy with spring conference and then a few weeks after that Bethany’s parents will arrive in here in Czech to help with the new baby. God is good!

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I miss those fields! There’s such an iconic scent in the air when the canola is blooming too. Love those memories.

Your photos are always so great – would love to see more from this day! I’m sure they’re stunning!

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