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The Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine (4/20/15)

Over the weekend we picked up a cheap bubble machine in Poland which we thought would be nice to have around as the weather begins to warm up (side note: it was actually cold today, so…maybe we purchased the bubble machine too soon?). Despite the chilly air today, the kids convinced me to take them outside and play with it which we did this afternoon. Above and below are some photos. We couldn’t stay out too long with the wind, but the kids were bubbly with joy.

Bubble Machine (4/20/15)

Bubble Machine (4/20/15)

Bethany was out tonight with some of the other missionary women at their weekly Bible study. She said they had a great time being together, just chatting and hanging out. The kids were a little sad when she left and Avery cried a little when I put the kids to bed. While Bethany was gone I had the chance to video chat with a friend which was a joy. He is another missionary and is serving the Lord faithfully in a key part of the world. I just really appreciate his heart and what God has been teaching him and how ministry there is going. It was fun to catch up and see a familiar face. Thanks for the time, brother!

Right now Bethany is working on the kids’ baby books. She said with number 3 coming she wants to get things more completed in those books because she feels like she’s already forgotten so much. She keeps finding things in the books and making comments. Just now she held up Avery’s tiny footprints and was getting very sentimental. It’s always fun to look back and see how the kids have grown, even in just a few short years. All that to say, we are getting excited about meeting our next daughter and seeing what she’ll be like. I get more excited every day, while Bethany gets a little more physically uncomfortable. Please be in prayer for us with this next child and all that will happen between now and the end of May when she’s due to arrive!

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