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The Big Blue Penguin at the Grocery Store

Bethany will be leaving tomorrow morning to go to a women’s retreat with other Josiah Venture ladies, so we’re prepping the house for three days without mommy. Of course, this includes making sure that Daddy can actually take care of the kids and feed them so we headed out today to stock up on groceries. We realized late last night that Bethany forgot her cell phone at our friend’s house so we ended up driving out to a different grocery store than we usually go to and I’m glad we did.

The Big Blue Penguin (3/28/15)

We don’t have an Albert (that’s the name of the store) in our town, so whenever we can shop at one we take the opportunity. They have a great selection of Mexican food which is probably more than half the reason I want to go there, but they also have different products and brands that we don’t get often (including Dole bananas and Mission tortillas!). Today they were running some kind of promotion for Kinder chocolate and there was a giant penguin walking down the aisles pushing a cart. At first it startled the kids and me, but then I just began laughing. Titus actually spotted it first and squealed “Woah!” as it passed by us. Later we saw the penguin again and a women’s voice was coming from it in Czech. I told her I didn’t understand, but then she started speaking perfect English and said, “You and the kids can take a picture with me!” I was open to it, but the kids were a little scared so I didn’t push the point. I just ended up taking the photo above of her and they gave the kids a few pieces of chocolate which they enjoyed.

The Big Blue Penguin (3/28/15)

You can definitely be praying for Bethany as she’s away, that it would be a restful and fun time with the other women. And you can pray for me as I take care of the family here at home from Sunday to Tuesday. We’ve been trying to prep the kids, but I’m sure they’ll be a little sad when they realize mommy will be gone for two nights. I’m actually looking forward to some focused time with the kids, but I’m secretly glad there’s a McDonald’s within 30 minutes of our place just in case things don’t go well for me in the kitchen! Tomorrow we’ll be pushing our clocks ahead an hour and I’m not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep and then having Bethany leave in the same day. I guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow’s blog to see what happens.

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