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Silly Roads and Broken Computers

Good Times (3/23/15)

It’s another late night so I’m going to keep this one short, but I wanted to point out the photo above which happened today while driving to the Josiah Venture office. You can be going down the road and all of a sudden there’s a huge drop off, the road is all torn up, and then they are literally a few feet away from you adding new asphalt. It’s incredible. I’m actually laughing about it because you would never see anything like that in the States.

Good Times (3/23/15)

Good Times (3/23/15)

Above are photos of our time tonight enjoying some pineapple upside down cake and working on fixing computers. Jenny and Landen Llamas came over and I was helping fix some things on each of their computers, and we just enjoyed some fellowship and hang out time. I’m still finishing up some stuff on Jenny’s computer now, and finishing up this post. Overall it’s been a fun time of laughing and talking and I’m thankful for our friendship with them. It still blows my mind that we get to server with people like the Llamas, who we knew in the States and now live in the same town here in Czech. God is good!

That’s all for tonight. Time for bed!

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