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It’s been a full day and I’m pretty tired. I’m going to try and summarize the best I can.

Sunshine (11/4/14)

First, had a great meeting with the international team this morning at the Josiah Venture office. We really just spent a lot of time sharing recent stories and happenings and weaved in prayer throughout our hour together. There’s always a lot going on in the lives of the team here and I was encouraged by how God is working in each of them.

After the meeting my team left for a retreat. All five of us had lunch together and headed to Josiah Venture’s retreat cabin called “Selah” (which stands for a place of peace and rest). It was designed for all of our missionaries to have a place to come and just rest. It’s a beautiful cabin in the mountains here in Czech. Our team is meeting here today and tomorrow to just regroup and think through projects for the upcoming year. This evening we spent some time working on getting a few things for our office to make it professional and hopefully a great place to work. I’m excited about what God is doing with this team and for our time today and tomorrow to just focus and plan for the months ahead. Below is the incredible view from Selah.

Retreating (11/4/14)

Tonight was kind of crazy because one of my teammates, Daniel, got a phone call while we were at the store from his roommate. His apartment was robbed tonight. Thankfully nothing major was stolen, except for some cash in one of his roommates drawers. We left the store and went to his place and I helped him pack up some of the important things he owns and of course he felt like he had lost a little trust in where he lives. The police came and fingerprinted everything and took photos so we’ll see what happens.

It’s already a late night and I’m off to bed. Only the Lord knows what tomorrow holds.

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