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C is for Caterpillar, K is for King

We were back in full swing today after taking a few days away as a family. I returned to the Josiah Venture office to begin working on new projects. With conference over, we’ve got a few projects that have backed up. But during conference we showed clips of young people from this year’s summer ministries. Since the conference was so focused on higher level leadership training, we wanted a way to bring people back to the “why” of ministry. One of those videos that was shown before one of the sessions is probably my personal favorite. It’s short, to the point, and I love how this young man talks about his faith in simple and plain English. This particular student is from Czech Republic, not far from where we live. Watch and enjoy this short, but clear testimony of a changed life.

Back at home Bethany treated today like Monday because we were on vacation so the kids did “school” in the house. They painted the the letter “C” and made little caterpillars. Bethany tries to have some organized time with them and do a craft which is great or days like today when it was pretty gray and rainy. Here are the kids working on their craft.

C is for Caterpillar (10/1/14)

Here’s the final result. They are looking great!

C is for Caterpillar (10/1/14)

Tonight, after dinner, we played a little flashlight tag in the house. Titus and I were a little better at hiding than the girls because every time we would get remotely close Avery would start to giggle, thus revealing her and mommy’s location. Still we had a lot of fun and I got this photo of Titus heading down the hall to find the girls.

Flashlight Tag (10/1/14)

We’ve had quite the battle today with getting our radiators working in the house. As the temperatures begin to drop outside, and we begin to prepare for colder days, I wanted to make sure we can get the heat working. I’ve never had to use radiators, and they are a lot different than central heating (like what most people have in the States). Today our landlord came over really early and it was kind of frustrating to communicate the problem. Eventually she got it working and it was great. However, tonight as I was writing about it, the radiators stopped working again and then one of the handles popped off the radiator in the living room. I’m pretty bummed at the moment because this is not an easy process with the language barrier. Please pray for us that the heat would work and we would get this issue resolved. I am trying to have patience, but being cold is not my thing!

One last thing that’s much better than being cold is that another spot opened up for Titus in the local preschool. We’re not holding our breath because of what happened last time, but Lord willing he’ll be starting on Oct. 13th and will go a few days a week. We’ll be sure and keep everyone posted on that as we get more info. Thank you for praying for this! Goodnight.

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