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Sunday is For Sickness

It finally happened. The first round of colds have hit the Thomason family and so far it has claimed three victims. Bethany, Titus, and Avery have had coughs, sneezes, and some sore throats the past two days with today being the worst. I was going to go to church by myself this morning but Bethany wasn’t awake and I didn’t have the heart to wake her to watch the kids while they’re all not feeling great. So I stayed home, started some dishes, and hung out with Titus and Avery. Unfortunately, I missed a special morning at our church here in Czech where they meet at a different location. Friends here texted us a hand drawn map so we would know where to go, but of course I wasn’t able to use it. I’m still a little confused as to why they change locations sometimes, but I guess I’ll find out next time.

Sunday is for Sickness (9/14/15)

This evening I ended up seeing a movie with my friend, Zach, who had invited me earlier in the day. I had debated all afternoon whether I should go with the family under the weather, but Bethany said she would be okay for a few hours so I joined Zach and a few Czech guys at the theater. Mainly I was there for the fellowship and the popcorn. Movie popcorn just sounded really good and I basically skipped dinner to be there so I guess that was a meal. But while in the theater my friend in the States was texting me about some of the goings on at our home church in California. Apparently they are going through some changes and my friend was kind enough to point me to this morning’s sermon which I was able to listen to the end of tonight at home (isn’t technology amazing?). It sounds like the changes will be good for the church but we’ll be sure to keep praying for them during the next few months.

Below is a photo I got at the mall where the movie theater is. The ceiling changes colors like this and goes up for what feels like a mile.

Sunday is for Sickness (9/14/15)

We got a big week ahead as we prepare for the JV Fall Conference the following week. There’s still a lot to do and the entire Josiah Venture office is busy with preparations for the 300+ attendees. Please pray for all the work that will go into that and for our little family to feel better!

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