Clouds And Windmills And Liquid Nitrogen! Oh, My!


We’re visiting family and spending the Christmas holiday in Washington. The drive up here from Southern California takes about two days and the last few hours of the trip is really fun when you get to cross the huge Columbia river. Bethany realized we would be crossing the river right around sunset and had already prepared me to grab my camera (which I keep under the center console in the front of our van just in case anything exciting happens). She figured it would be beautiful that time of day and it was. As we got closer and closer to the river we started to see low hanging fog sitting on the river and I began snapping away from the car. After crossing it we pulled over so I could get a few shots of the sun and clouds hitting the water. That’s what you see below.

The Columbia River

Where we cross the Columbia river you have to make a turn and head up a little hill before you’re back on the main highway, but right as we hit the stop sign for our turn we realized there were police directing traffic. That’s when we came up on a semi-truck that had tipped over. I guess it couldn’t make the turn or hit it too sharply and then fell over. From what we could see it looked like the driver made it out safely, but his load didn’t. As we came around the back of the truck we saw liquid nitrogen spilling out on to the road and down the side of a hill. It’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Feels like a once in a lifetime kind of thing, so I had to pull over and get some photos. Below are a few shots we got, along with captions below the photos.

This is what we drove up to. You can see the truck wheels and the guys just watching the liquid nitrogen spewing out the back of the truck.


Big Rig Spill
As we drove up the hill, I pulled over and got this shot of nitrogen going down the hill.

Big Rig Spill
I zoomed out a bit and now you can see the spill in the foreground and the Columbia river with low hanging fog in the background. Pretty wild!

Wind Power
After getting back on the road we were right up on the windmills so I had to get a classic shot of those guys.

Ok, that’s all. Weird stuff!


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