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A Web Pioneer’s Wild Dream

For some of you a story about a computer guy starting a Web site might sound a little dull. But this isn’t just any story. This is the story of the man who had a vision of sharing with the world the preaching ministry of John Piper through a Web site that is today known as As of 2009, Desiring God was getting a million visits a month (which I’m sure has grown a lot in 3 years) and continues to provide almost limitless resources for free to the world. Our family has greatly benefited from their resources and we’re even currently reading a free e-book by John Piper on Advent which we have been enjoying. Watch the video below to hear about how Moe Bergeron helped start Desiring God’s Web ministry and provide resources the entire world.

One of the roles that I will take with Josiah Venture will be in the area of communications and more specifically trying to find innovative ways of using technology to reach people for Jesus Christ. In areas like Central and Eastern Europe the need for good resources and Bible training is great and the Internet continues to be a driving force to be able to get resources into people’s hands. The Church needs to continue to use these kinds of tools to spread the Good News and connect people in order to take the Gospel to every nation. Stories like Moe’s remind me that the Lord can and will use technology for His glory and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

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