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Thank you for your continued support and for your prayers. Our family is truly blessed by you. We wanted to tell you how the Lord has been working over the past month and how you can continue to pray for us.

Application Process

Though we haven’t been able to update you since July, a lot has been going on this past month. As you may recall from our last email, we felt and feel strongly the Lord calling us to Czech Republic to serve with Josiah Venture. One of the major steps in the process of becoming a missionary with Josiah Venture (JV) is the application. The formal written application is a series of questions and essays and really gives a snapshot of our spiritual lives and what God has done in our lives. On Monday, September 3rd, our applications were officially submitted to JV for approval. This is big step forward in the process and we praise God being able to complete and submit them. We would ask that you pray for the Josiah Venture board and staff who will review our applications that they would be wise and that what we communicated would be understood clearly. We hope to update you as soon as we know more about the status of our applications.

Elder Meeting

This coming Monday, September 10th, we will be meeting with the elders at our home church (Placerita Baptist Church). We’ve been invited by the elders to join them around 7:30pm for prayer and to discuss this missionary process. We are hopeful that this meeting will bring clarity and encouragement as we seek to partner with PBC and have the joy of seeing them be our sending church. Placerita has been our home church for 9 years and it’s a great joy for us to walk through this process with them. Would you please pray for this meeting? We hope it will be a blessing to the elders and us and that much clarity would come of it for everyone.

Prayer Requests

  • On September 23rd Shay has the opportunity to teach at a Placerita Baptist Church evening service. Please pray for clarity as he speaks, as well that his study time would be profitable. He will be speaking on the themes of the local church, discipleship, and missions.
  • Pending application approval, we are scheduled to attend the week long Josiah Venture orientation in Chicago, IL on October 22-26. Please pray for us to be able to find friends and/or family to watch our two young children during that time as there is no childcare provided for the week.

Thank you for continued support of our family! As always, we covet your prayers! If you need to reach us for any reason, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.

“Today you’ll be tempted to let your thoughts doubt, desires wander and your resolve weaken, but you’ve been given grace to stand strong.” – Paul Tripp

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