Ventura: A Weekend Away [in photos]

Bethany and I got away for the Fourth of July weekend. It was such a blessing to be out of the super hot valley we live in and get in to the cool ocean air. We dig Ventura, so here’s a few photos from our weekend away:
Just an old marquee sign that’s sitting in an empty lot. I thought it was neat.

Kayaks waiting to hit the ocean.

Bethany takes her photography even more serious than I do… hehe

aahh.. the Pacific Ocean–we love you.

“I never saw the sign officer.”

The water was hitting the rocks we were standing on–it was radical.

Just some plain ol’ driftwood.

Here’s Bethany cruising around on the bike we rented. She’s so nice.

I was cruising around on my new longboard. I definitely put the miles on that bad boy!

Finally, Bethany and me waiting for the fireworks. Our American flags were a good touch… “USA! USA! USA!”

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It was so fun to see you guys there, crazy that we happened to pass by right then.. amidst the 1,000’s!

Nice pictures. Isn’t it weird that we call it the Pacif-ic ocean, as in pacify, even though it’s way more extreme than any other ocean? Except the arctic I guess. Moreso than the Atlantic at least, which is the one the guys that named it were familiar with.

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