Life Is Full

I remember studying and learning vocabulary in school, and it was always best to try and use the words in real life to really learn them. So of course you spend the week trying to figure out how to tell someone there is “clishmaclaver” going around, but they have no clue what you’re talking about and you’re laughing because it’s about them! Well, I ran into a similar discussion this week with a friend about saying the words, “I’m busy” when asked “how are you doing?” Or you might rephrase it by saying, “I’ve been busy”, “I’m stressed”, or my favorite, “It’s intense right now.” But a friend and me were talking this week and he was saying he prefers the phrase “life is full right now.” His reasoning is that “I’m busy” makes it sound like you are out of control or don’t have order in your life, but by saying “life is full” you are giving off a more organized version of yourself. I guess it doesn’t matter which I choose at this point, it’s all semantics, but I guess you could say life is full right now for me.

As many of you know I’m doing a lot more photography of late. I spent this past weekend on the beach at a wedding and then I jumped around in a bounce house at a 3-year-olds birthday party. Both were great times and I thought you all would enjoy a few shots I got while I was living my full life:

Just a couple from the wedding:

On The Beach [a wedding]

Guys [a wedding]

The Party [a wedding]

A Birthday Party:
It's Her Party...

It's Her Party... [part 2]

It's Her Party... [part 3]

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