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Dizmas – Redemption, Passion, Glory

One of the bummer things about knowing people in bands is that they tour a lot. Dizmas, for instance, spends months out on the road touring and playing shows. I get to see the guys for a few days and then it’s back on the road for them. This morning was another bum deal because they were on Air1 radio doing an interview and I couldn’t listen to it because I was at work.

Despite all that, I do try to keep up with the band via this crazy thing called the world wide web–you might have heard of it. Every now and then a good YouTube video pops up and today was one of those days. Below is some footage of the guys playing “Redemption, Passion, Glory” from their first album.

Where I find Dizmas:
Dizmas on Twitter. (see also, Yeshua, JonDizmas, Nikolaka, and JoeyDizmas)
Dizmas on MySpace.
Dizmas on Last.FM.
Dizmas on YouTube.

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