What Is Everyone Doing? A Review.

How We Rock Em'

Not only am I always online, but my friends are too! Here’s a review of some recent happenings from my frends via twitter (click on any one of their names if you want to see where I took these from):

Zach watched water polo:

“I like water polo. It’s the water version of soccer.”

Jonny asked for a raise:

“Asking for a raise is one of the most awkward things to do… “

Megan made her daughter laugh:

“I got my kid to laugh at me today. There are few things that have brought more joy to my heart.”

Josh Z. was taking care of some business:

“In nashville doing meetings. Top 10 favorites. Sarcasm is hard too portray in just words on paper.”

Josh has too much time on his hands:

“watching a seagull try to land on our skylight and being humored by his inability to stand on a slick surface.”

Steve’s feet hurt:

“my feet hurt.”

Abe lives in L.A. and still likes it:

“Traffic at 10 o’clock at night. Got to love LA.”

Christian was doing ministry:

“At the sixth grade graduation for the kids i started with two years ago, and praying they will still love jesus in jr high and high school.”

Gary was frustrated:

“Nurse at Dr.’s office: “I am sorry Mr. Edwards we cannot remove your stitches today because we don’t have HMO approval.” Seriously, what?!?!”

And I was enjoying my birthday presents:

“Completely amazed by my new Mute Math DVD.”

This is just a sample, a taste if you will, of the great things that can be done with internet gizmos like twitter. Be sure and check out my twitter if you get some time as every now and then life just has some funny things that happen :).

Happy first day of summer everyone.

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Shay, very good chance you have no clue who I am, but i was going through some stuff i had during high school and I ran into some shaycam memorabilia.
also, i hope html works, or else this comment is useless

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