Comfortable And Furious

If you’ve never seen Conan O’Brien’s “Recliner of Rage” bit, then you may not understand the title to my blog today. Basically, Conan has a graphic designer that is “comfortable and furious” and simply talks for America about what he is “enraged” about. Normally it’s about the stupidest things on the planet, but it’s a good laugh nonetheless. Basically, that’s how I feel. In a recent conversation with my wife I realized that I am just kind of weird when it comes to certain things in this world. It’s usually things I can’t control or just don’t see changing anytime soon, but let expound (or some call it “venting”).

1. Cell phones – I love being able to call people whenever, wherever I want. It’s not that I am upset about that in any way. What it really is-is the stupid contract/service agreement that I have to sign to get a cheaper phone. It’s ridiculous. 2 years!! For crying out loud, in 2 years I am going to have a chip implanted in my brain and I’ll be on my cell phone all day long. I think it’s crazy that at the speed of technology these cell phone companies are still getting me all signed up for the next 2 years. Well, get comfortable for those 2 years, because if you try to get out of the contract you’ll be paying up the wazoo! It makes me sick. Everyone has a cell phone now!! Doesn’t that mean that my prices should start going down?!? What happened to good ol’ competition to drive the prices down and help out the consumer? I’m sick of it. I hate it. It makes me mad. And furthermore. . . what century are we in that my phone calls can get dropped at any time?!! Let me say it again, “EVERYONE HAS A CELL PHONE!” Doesn’t this mean that we should be putting up cell towers everywhere so my calls don’t get dropped. I mean, I’m paying for those dropped calls as it is!! grr…
2. Digital music – Oh man, this is a good one. It’s all the rage right now. Digital music sales are up and everyone is downloading anything they can get their mouse on over at iTunes. Well, it’s not all for me. I’m not saying that I don’t download an occasional cheap record from iTunes, what I am saying is, 9 times out of 10, I’m buying the CD from my local music store, and I’ll tell you why. First, the CD cases are rockin’. I mean, some graphic designer and art director spent hours creating something for print inside those cases, so wouldn’t I want to see it in it’s original form, as the creator intended it? Secondly, buying the CD gives me a backup of the music so I can put it on my iPod and never worry about it crashing or losing my music forever. Finally, CD’s are fun for the whole family. Recently Beck came out with a “create your own artwork” CD that included stickers and blank pages so we could make our stuff. The kids downloading that music missed out big time. Oh, and another thing. Right now there are bunch of record stores going out of business because everyone is going digital, but I’m not scared. I still think there are people out there like myself that like to have that case in hand, to see it in all it’s glory. Hey, if you want, I’ll go with you on Tuesday’s and we’ll buy music together!
3. Target vs. Wal-Mart – I got one word for you: Target. It’s so much better! I recently read this blog that lists 10 reasons why Target is better than Wal-Mart. You should indulge yourself. You’ll start remembering your own experiences and probably start agreeing with him if you don’t already.
4. Soccer in America – To be honest, this one hits home for a bit. I’m a soccer player. I even quit baseball to play soccer. And all the time I hear about how soccer will never go anywhere in America. I’m not saying that I completely disagree with the fact that soccer hasn’t done much in America, but I don’t believe it won’t go anywhere. Whether America likes it or not, soccer is the world’s sport. We’ve got our football and baseball, but soccer is being playing around the world, and the last time I checked, we’re not the only country on the planet. As many of you have heard, David Beckham (a famous soccer player from England) recently signed a 5 year contract with the L.A. Galaxy. It was interesting that this was the largest contract in sports history, and it was a soccer player. Mr. Beckham isn’t doing too bad with his $250 million contract. Maybe he won’t attract all the attention to the sport that they hope, but man, it might help. Finally, I must add that in America, soccer is the number 1 most played youth sport. More kids play soccer than any other sport. My thought, start em’ young. When they grow up maybe they too can sign a $250 million dollar deal?

Like I said, I’m comfortable and furious. Don’t take this the wrong way, I won’t lose sleep over all this. I just figured I needed to tell everyone what I thought. Isn’t that the point of blogging to begin with? So many times today I just read people that have no opinions and that are always on the fence. . . that’s lame. Get some opinions and fight for them. Grab your soap box and stand on it… it just feels good sometimes.

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i wish i was uninhibitedly outspoken. Either that or look like i could lift more than a pair of socks. I think i may be one of those lame-o’s you are refering to. I be working on that though… … …soon


lol, wow Shay. Ok, the scarey thing is I was debating with myself the whole Target/ Wal-mart thing this morning. Target won out for me as well, although I shop both. I can do w/o cell phones all together, except for being able to reach the kids and Ipods, I just don’t get, don’t need. Anyways, with all the things you might choose to vent on these were mild lol. Have a good day!

Much Blessings,

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