When I’m Dreaming

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I’ve been having a lot of crazy dreams the past few nights. Two nights ago it was about how I road in a boat all the way to Norway, but across the ocean I could see America. I remember being really frustrated because I forgot my camera in the U.S. But I remember as well riding around and looking at all faces of kids and people who barely spoke English, though some of them did speak English. While riding around I started to remember as well that I forgot to get a passport. I couldn’t believe that they even let me into the country. It was kind of crazy to say the least.

Last night was even more weird. It was like I was trapped in my adult body, but was acting like a child. The dream was complete with my in-laws, random bullies that I thought were from my childhood, and pretty much anyone that was important to me in this life. At one point I seriously thought I was a child. I was like screaming and complaining about every little thing that was going on. Putting my head in to a pillow or yelling at people was common in this dream. But the weirdest part was that my brain made up a Kiefer Sutherland movie. I remember (in my dream) watching a movie about Kiefer as a little kid who had some random experience which made him think he was hero and when he grew up he actually becomes a hero. I know that such a movie doesn’t actually exist, but my dream was vivid!

I don’t exactly know why I’m dreaming so much lately. I assume it’s because I have been taking medicine for my current illness, but these dreams are too real. That’s what I don’t like about dreams, it’s like sometimes you go places and see things that you probably wouldn’t otherwise go or see… then you wake up. I can’t help thinking, “darnit!.. I really was digging on Norway.. that place was cool…” and then of course I wake up. So depressing. Ah, whatever. It’s not a big deal, they are just dreams. Dream away.
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We hope that in last night’s dream the in-laws weren’t associated with the random bullies… We’re some of the good guys, right? ;D

Looking forward to seeing you in a little over a week.

Mom and Dad in-law

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