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The wife got a new book this weekend. She’s likes U2 and we needed some more coffee table material. The best part about this photo is that it wasn’t staged. Bethany was seriously reading this book, but I just thought it was hilarious how big it is. Normally you would see some relaxing on the couch with a small book, but not my wife, nope.. she’s got a gynormous book and she’s lovin’ it…. classic.

Anyways, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Let me explain. I actually got a job. What you may not have known is that for most of the summer I have been jobless. I have basically been doing freelance graphic design and just trying to pursue some more work. But about 3 weeks ago I got a phone call from Amp’d Mobile and they wanted to hire me was a web designer. Needless to say I took the job and it’s been a great experience. The only bummer is that I have to commute to the Santa Monica area every day, but the pay is good and the job is good, so I continue to fight the traffic. If you want to check them out just go to Right now I’ve just been adjusting to my new schedule and trying to learn and hopefully be an asset to the design team there. They are all great designers and I am privileged to be apart of that team (and I also want you to know it took me about 3 minutes just now to figure out how to spell “privileged”, but nevermind that now).

Someone wanted me to post some of my designs from work, so here you go.. this one’s for the kids.. thanks for reading.

Of course you need to click to enlarge it. I did the big advertisement with all the money. It was my first big project, way fun though.. ok.. see yah!

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That is so awesoe that you got that book. I love U2 too. In fact when you and Bethany were just a thought in your parents minds I was listening to those guys. I even remmeber the picture on the cover of the book. Anyways enough of that. Shaycam that’s awesome that you got a job, bummer about the drive though. God is great in the wway He provided that for you guys. Now you need to get that iPod going on your car stereo. You need to be listening to some Driscoll and McLaren in the car bro!

Take it easy man, no road rage, k?

shay you are the man. this stuff looks hot!! sufjan Oct. 9. hey want to go to the cabin this weekend? Ill call you about more info


Is it 1.) When you sign up you get a $30 credit and get to keep your old number?

or is it 2.) When you sign up and keep your old number, you get a $30 credit?

Congrats on the job! Amp’d seems like a cool and hip company to be working for.

[…] About nine months ago I took a job with a company called Amp’d Mobile. They hired me as a designer for their web department. Though the job was really only 30 miles away, the traffic in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas made it an hour and forty-five minute commute, one way. But the pay was fantastic for a guy my age and with the little experience I had, so I took the plunge as a commuter on the 405 freeway and went to work faithfully every day. My job was very cool. I worked with bands/artists material and created the specific branding for those artists on the Amp’d web pages. The people I worked with were some of the best designers I have met and were all very gifted. Though the hours at work were longer than I expected and the three hour commute wasn’t my idea of a good time, I worked hard because I wanted to provide for my family and honor the Lord. […]

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