Water With Ice Please

I’m looking at my Iced Venti H20 that I took home from Starbucks today. It’s kind of a sweet deal if I really think about it. I mean, they spend thousands of dollars purifying their water, they buy the cups, they buy the straws and lids, and then I go in and ask for a water and they give it to me for free. Now, I can’t say that Stabucks is doing everything right (and I believe they aren’t), but I do enjoy a good water from them.

Nevermind the water, I am merely trying to escape what I really want to write about. That is, my weekend. Let’s review: 1. In-Laws come to town Thursday 2. Graduate from college Friday 3. Get phone call about new job opportunity just before graduation 4. Go to new job on Monday 5. Quit new job on Tuesday. Wow, that’s amazing. The funny thing is I put a lot of things on the line for this new job, and then I decided it wasn’t going to work out. Now you might say, “well Shay! You were only there 2 days.” Which is absolutely true, but there are circumstances that I really can’t explain here. The fact is, I made the decision. Sometimes you just have to make a decision. It doesn’t always feel like you are making the right decision, or you are doing the right thing, and even in this case it felt like there was no right decision. Yet I made the gamble. I put some stuff on the line and it didn’t work out. I’m a little sad, I’m a little worried, but at the end of the day my wife and I feel it was the best decision. Secondly, I’m young. It’s not an excuse, but it does mean that I don’t have the experience/wisdom that other people have. I guess that’s life, but maybe I should head back to Starbucks and get another water.

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