Stay At Home Mom

jordan.jpgHere’s some friends that I hung out with on new year’s eve. I promised them I would load some pics up, so here you go. I haven’t done any blogs while sitting in Starbucks in a while. So, here I am. I’m a bit distracted by a small group of people in front of me that are sort of having a meeting. It’s funny when you overhear people’s conversations. It’s not that I’m trying to listen to them, but they are within 3 feet of me and are talking loud enough for “all to hear.” Nevermind them.

I feel like a stay-at-home mom right now. Bethany has been working and I’m actually looking for a job. I’ve got some great opportunities lined up, but unfortunately opportunities don’t bring paychecks. Did you know that just living is pretty expensive. Well, I’m sure you know that. I am amazed about how quick the monthly budget adds up. I’m not ignorant by any means, but I’m just amazed.

I’m taking a sweet photography class for winter session at a local community college right now. I’m not kidding, I’m totally stoked about. It’s all about taking pics. I’ll try to post some here as I do this class. It’s only a month long, and it’s just about taking cool looking pictures. Alright, back to working on my resume. Peace.

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