IPod’s And Scarves For Everyone

I pointed my iTunes to Dashboard Confessional Summer’s Kiss EP this morning. I’m currently listening to the song “Turpentine Chaser.” This is a good track especially like this track because of the addition of the drums on this in particular recording. Ok.. back to the blog.

spaceneedlefog.jpgI’m back in California today. Flew in late last night. I took this picture of the space needle yesterday before Bethany and I left Seattle. It’s funny how it was nice and sunny in Seattle and overcast and rainy in California.

I probably should be working on some sort of homework right, but class was basically cancelled this morning because our professor wasn’t feeling well. So he gave us the quiz and we left the building. But you don’t want to talk about that… I feel kind of tired this morning. Probably just all the traveling. I love traveling. I don’t know why, it’s just kind of fun. It feels really modern to me. And by traveling, I mean flying. There’s something about being 33,000 feet above everything I see day to day. I don’t get to be above the clouds very often, but when I am, I like it. It’s like today. If I didn’t want it to be cloudy, I could just get in a plane and I would be soaring high above them. I could enjoy the sun from my airplane window, maybe even wear sunglasses, who knows?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: the title of my blog. I was walking around the campus of Seattle Pacific University before we left yesterday. When I was standing outside I must have seen 5 or 6 IPod’s go by, and either complimented by or just by themselves, I saw multiple scarves being worn by certain individuals. Even when the sun is shining in Seattle, you can wear your scarf. You can listen to the music you want to. And I wouldn’t dare bother those kids, they are probably deep in thought concerning art, theatre and the like. Kind of makes me think of Conan O’Brien’s recent “New U.S. Quarter’s” bit. Go there and find the one for Washington (hint: it has two sides, haha).

Alright, I’m off to the real world I tried to fly so high above. Nothing would make me happier than if you would drop me a note. I realized you kids may not understand the new posting system. If you see the number next to my blog title (ie. “IPod’s and Scarves For Everyone 0”). If you click on the number “0” or whatever number is there you will be prompted to leave me a comment. Excellent. Now.. try it for yourself.

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SHAY! Megan introduced me to your website and (by extension) blogging in general. It brought me quite a few laughs and I will be checking it more often when I feel like I want to shoot my brains out at work (just kidding about shooting out my brains).

I agree wholeheartedly about the post-it notes. What makes them so accessible is the multiple colors. regular yellow for the buisness class, and hot pink for people such as myself. Long live the post-it note!

Right now, I am in the process of using ipod agent to get all the songs OFF of my ipod ONTO my new computer.

I still want in on that wireless internet…tell Bethany “hi” for me!


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