Goodbye… Shaycam…

These are the last few minutes of a site that has served me well. Though I have neglected it many times before, it’s time to go. I feel like I should write the obituary, but I’m not the best writer. We all know that. has been a place for friends, family, and others who just randomly saw my site on the back of my car. I have enjoyed… but life must go on.

Bethany and I are becoming one (to use the Biblical language, we’re becoming “one flesh”). Leaving and cleaving. Soon I will not be by myself anymore. And she should be able to share her heart with you all also. At least that’s the plan for now. So I hope you kids enjoy I think it’ll be fun, exciting, abnormal, etc. I’m tired. Time to go.

All the best,

One reply on “Goodbye… Shaycam…”

Hey Shay,
Haven’t seen you in a while…just wanted to see if you would come home early someday soon so we play some Tiger…lates
your “dad”


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