You Remember When…

“You remember pagers?! Oh man… I can’t believe that.. what was the point of that?..”
“.. You remember when you actually had to go to the store to buy stuff.. oh man.. I just buy all my groceries, music, clothes online.. so sweet..”
“You remember when cell phones were the size of a public phone booth.. that’s hilarious..”
“… You remember radio…? ANSWER: “.. no.. what the heck is radio..?..”
“.. oh man.. what about dial up internet?…”.. “.. no, never heard of it..”

Right now I’m sitting in Hollywood. Yeah, that’s in California. Have you heard of it? It’s like 100 degrees outside, but I am here with my fiance because she’s getting her hair cut. We get our hair cut in Hollywood, what can we say. I love this place. It’s called “Rudy’s Barber Shop.” haha, the name probably throws you off, it’s not what you think. check out to get a small taste. I found this place when I was in Seattle a few years back I haven’t really had my hair cut anywhere else since. Anyways.. Bethany is going short on the hair right now. We’re totally stoked about it. It’s one of those joint experiences that I’m sure we’ll have more and more as we approach marriage and after marriage.

But.. getting back.. You’re probably wondering what all those questions and answer were about in the beginning of this blog. Well.. let me tell you. Rudy’s is actually located inside of a hotel called The Standard. I got here, turned on my computer, and I was online. We live in a new age my friends. I’m not kidding.. have you noticed. I mean, our kids are not going to know what tape players are.. I’m serious.. this isn’t a joke. I mean.. what the heck.. Think about it.. do you kids remember LaserDisc technology. That was seriously stupid, yikes.. what were they thinking. But we have to realize that this was never possible. I have my laptop open in the middle of a barber shop! It’s great.. I love it. I love the internet, it makes me happy. We can communicate in ways people can’t even think about. oh man.. I’m stoked, you’re stoked, we’re all stoked.

Last thing. Emblem graphics ordered new business cards last week. they are hot. no kidding. We got square business cards. I know you’re gonna love em’. Ok.. As the hair gets shorter.. I’ve gotta go.

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