The 4th Is For Advertising?

C’mon, I know you’ve noticed it.

Everywhere you look, all you see is, “MAKE IT A MEMORABLE 4th OF JULY, BUY A NEW CAR FROM US”. It made me laugh when I saw the LA Times with a one day ad that said, “ONE DAY ONLY! MAKE IT A NEWSWORTHY 4th, ONLY $39 for the FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY TIMES.” What the heck is that all about. The fourth of July isn’t about subscribing to the Los Angeles Times or making sure I get the GM Employee Discount on my new car, which so conveniently ends on July 4th. I don’t know, maybe you haven’t noticed it.

Worked all day today at the bux. Normal day, nothing really crazy about it. It’s kind of weird that I spend almost 40 hours a week at this place (which I am currently sitting at). And apparently I can’t get through a post without making mention of it. Sometimes I’ll be making drinks or whatever and I am kind of thinking, “..some Joe Shmoe investor is sitting in his office somewhere relying on me making money for this company so that his stock goes up..” I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

I’m tired and I need to go to the bank, so I’m out. Hope you have a great weekend. Maybe you should do the right thing and google the “4th of July” and read about the history of our nation, haha. That makes me laugh. peace.

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