Music For The Summer

I’ve been buying music lately. This is a pretty good month for music. Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Dizmas. Not bad. I can buy one album a week. I’m stoked about it.

oh man!! bummer.. this lady just sat down near me and she is smoking. The wind is blowing and it’s going in my face right now, bummer. I need a protective bubble so that nothing can get in. Maybe my bubble will have like holes so I can breathe, but like they would only breathe out and nothing would get inside of it. I think it would probably be a lime green bubble. Just sounds like fun. ok.. enough about bubbles.

But getting back. The new Foo Fighters comes out on Tuesday. I’m seriously excited about it. 2 disc set, one rockin’ set, one acoustic-rockin’ set. Does it get any better than that. I had a funny thought yesterday about Dave Grohl (the lead singer of Foo). He’s never going to get married? haha.. I just thought it was funny. He’s almost too rockstar to get married, at least right now. I think maybe he got a bad view of marriage because of Courtney Love’s relationship with Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana). I don’t know? What do you kids think?

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dude shay whats happenin?? just stopped by to say hey, ill see you at the 6711 sooner or later. peace

Alright, first off, Grohl’s been married for 2 years. That’s TWO. Secondly, gays should also be married. End of story.

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