Sunday With Shay

“Controlling the Tongue” – James 3

We started a new section of our study through James in church this morning. We actually started chapter 3 which begins with a discussion on the tongue. Pastor Scott showed us the power of the tongue by showing us the illustrations that James uses which are right in the text. They start in verse 3 and move forward. The Bible compares our own tongues to a bit that would go in to a horses mouth. It also compares it to the rudder of a ship. These are great pictures on the power of that “little red devil” in our mouths. The things we say are really just what is coming out of our hearts. How are you doing with your words today? Are you using them to build people up or tear people down. Because it really is not true that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That is a lie. Words do hurt. They hurt when people say wrong things about you, and gossip about you. They hurt when they have a harmful intent toward you. Control your tongue today and God will be greatly glorified.

For further study please go read and study the third chapter of James, I trust you will be convicted and encouraged.

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