Do You Remember…

do you remember when you were school and there was that one really cool teacher that would play music during tests and class? I remember that. I was just thinking about that because I was just sitting here and listening to music and doing homework. college kids do it a lot. I don’t know, whatever. shaylaugh.jpg I went to the basketball game tonight. we lost, by 2. It made me sad. I really shouldn’t be attending high level stressful basketball games in my condition. what’s my condition? glad you asked. I have sinusitus. If you want more info, just search it on google. seriously, I bet you didn’t even think it existed. but you know what? I went to the doctor for the second time this week and they are talking surgery… seriously, no joke. they have to drain my sinuses. ok.. it’s probably going to freakin’ hurt. I’m sad, but I’d rather hurt once then ever day. <- sounds like a good emo song title "I'd rather hurt once then every day." I think I'll write it.. yeah.. that would be great. yet, right now I have no emotion. the pain in my sinuses is enough for me to take pain killer, so i did. one more thing.. "I thought about what you said, and its not your money." - The Juliana Theory

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I’m sorry that you don’t feel very well shay. I hope to see you at starbucks fellin good again soon. Happy thanksgiving… by the way, what are you thankful for this year?

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