Onward To Seattle

So we’ve been chilling up here in the great northwest and its been a really good time. But it seriously has been a long couple of days. We’ve been waking up around 5:00 every morning and getting done around 7pm. But it has been an enjoyable time at the seminary and I really appreciate their hospitality.

Anyways.. today it’s just going to be Tristan, Justin, and me and we’re heading to Seattle! No parents! No legal-guardians! No hosts! No role-models! No chaperones! No anybodys! Just us! Its gonna be freakin’ awesome. We’ve got our cameras all charged up… we’ve got new tapes for the video and a clean disk for the still shots. Soon we’ll be taking a boat across the water and our journey will begin. Our stops you might ask?… Well this is some: Ivar’s (for some sweet fish and chips and clam chowder), REI (for the complete outdooor experience), Rudy’s Barber Shop (for the best haircut money can buy), Seattle Library (for the most glass that any library has), Pike’s Place Starbucks (for the original Starbucks experience), Pike’s Place Market (for the flying fish and big buff guys that catch em’), and much much more!! We’re pumped.. I can’t wait to get back and show you kids my pics.. it’s going to be awesome!! Alright.. that’s all.. I’m outta here.. you kids have an excellent Saturday!

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