Starbucks Making More Changes


You all know I’m rooting for Starbucks to make some major changes. This is despite the fact that I had a really bad experience this weekend at a Starbucks I used to work at. Actually, it was the store that hired me… nevermind that, here’s just 2 things they are doing right now that I’m getting excited about:

1. Free WiFi is coming in the spring. According to the article Starbucks is getting rid of T-Mobile access and adding ATT. Free WiFi will be available for the first 2 hours of your visit. Win one for Starbucks and college students.

2. Bye bye sandwiches. When Starbucks first launched the hot sandwiches I thought it was a bad move. Then I tasted one… and it confirmed my original opinion. But soon they will gone and they won’t be trying to be another McDonald’s but simply a coffee shop.

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